Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final Days in Haiti

It was not far from this collapsed home that we spent about 90 minutes this morning.  We had the opportunity to visit a "ravine" where there was a smaller tent city.  We connected with a local minister that has set up a "church" in a tent.  Marcel had arranged to bring rice and beans and the Goderich connection also brought toys with them as well as buying some candy in a local market here.  We had a blast!  Over the next few weeks I will post some video footage and more pics on the iam1ru website.
Peter Findlay with a pile of toys that he and Marcel brought from Goderich
A special thanks to all the "everyday philanthropists" in that area.
The Church Service in the Ravine.  They were singing up a storm.

Val Hazzard from Windsor helping the girls with their crafts at the Feeding Program.
Phil with a young lad that was PUMPED about his new shoes.  Thank you so much to every person that gave to PI's M.A.D. (making a difference) fund!  From Edmonton to Petrolia to helped us bless so many!  That is what I am talking about!

Were the crafts a hit?  Oh yeah baby!  Connie Evans....thanks so much for all your work.

Kari Loscher singing in the "tent church".  That my friends was something else.  I hope to have Kari on many trips with PI in the future.

I have so many many many stories.  I have never been at the place where my body was so close to over-heating.  It was a "sweatfest"...but was totally cool!  Be sure to visit over the next few weeks for pics and stories and the posting of the late 2010 and 2011 trips!

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