Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Our" world trumps "my" world!

For me it is not about making a short term splash.  To be able to say "look at what we did" does not interest me.  It is about treating every child like they could be the next great leader of their country.  It is about doing the "ordinary" and leaving the extraordinary to One who does it way better than I ever could even dream or imagine.  That is what "raising the rubble" is all about.  As I sit here typing this update Charles Evans and Roger Pilon are over painting the boys home...Dr. Doug May is teaching Math at the school...Greg Welten is sitting in at the Computer Lab at the school....Marcel McIntrye, Peter Findlay, Kelly Deschamps and Merve Morris are assembling storage units (while singing to 80's rock).  Kari Loscher is getting ready to hold an impromptu concert for those that will be waiting in line at the medical clinic this afternoon.  This has been a trip where change is happening constantly.  These team members adapt as well as any team I have led.  I am honored to be their leader.

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