Friday, February 25, 2011

Orphans got a book shelf in the classroom!!!

We had this Dream posted in our Web-
Our two PI ladies are working as psychologists in the college with orphans.
We have a great agreement with the college that they will keep our children
there for two years. That way 16, 17 and 18 year old orphans will have a
free place to live in the dormitories, as well as being able to learn a profession.
The work of PI is expanding. We used to work with orphans in only one
college. We have now begun work in another college with orphans who have
just graduated from the orphanage. Children are 16 to 18 years old there.
These children are very happy to have our PI ladies help them. They have
already begun to refer to them as their mothers. As well, all the staff in
the college are very happy to have additional helpers. Our ladies have
an office where they can have psychology lessons with the children, but
they don’t have any supplies in the office. Could you please help us
purchase a shelf for books and other educational supplies? The shelf
costs $120. Please help us with $20 or more!
This Dream was sponsored and we were so happy to purchase the
shelf. On behalf of our PI ladies from Central Asia thank you so much!!!
They said that they were able to buy some books too.

Another interesting things happened –our PI Dream Agents said
that it was an awesome start because when some of their friends
heard about the shelf they gave them some books for free.

February 2011

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