Saturday, February 19, 2011

Orphans Lola and Anjela got new shoes!!!

This Dream was posted on our Website-
Two of the girls from one of the orphanages where we work have a huge need -- their feet grow so fast and they do not have any shoes to wear. Would you please help us purchase 2 pair of shoes for them? One pair costs $20.

This dream was sponsored by two people at the same day
and we were able to help two girls to get two pair of shoes-
dressy shoes and running shoes for each girl. Our girls Lola
and Anjela could not believe that their dream came true.

Actually it took a while until they finally wore them. Our
PI ladies said that the girls continued to wear their old ripped shoes
for a couple of days. The girls kept looking at their new shoes and
did not want to start wearing them because they wanted them to
continue to look new.
Thank you so much for giving such beautiful and practical gifts to our
Lola and Anjela!!!
February 2011

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