Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our blind lady Katya got help.

We received this letter from our PI Dream Agent in Central Asia-
Our senior Katya can see a little bit of some objects. She is considered
90% blind. Because she can see some objects, she is able to not run into
things when she is on the streets and when she goes to familiar places. She
was kind of independent in many ways…but then she began to lose even
this very little sight. We took her to the eye doctor and found out that she
could have one injection into her eye that would help but the injection costs
$65. Please help our Katya to get this treatment so she can continue to
have an “independent” life.”

The Dream was sponsored right away and our PI Dream Agents
were really happy to help Katya. They went one more time to the
doctor to check when he could give Katya the injection. The doctor
was so happy they returned. He said that he was thinking about
Katya and about our ladies trying to help a lady who is really no
one to them. The Doctor said that he wants to give them a
discount because he was touched by the love our PI ladies had
towards the blind lady Katya.
Our ladies were so happy about the discount for the injection
because with this extra money they were able to buy some
groceries for Katya. Look at the picture to see how happy
Katya is-she got an injection for her eyes plus some food.
Katya was especially thankful for the meat as she cannot
afford to buy meat at all.

Thank you so much iam1ru Philanthropist for such an amazing gift for
our blind lady Katya.
February 2011

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