Thursday, February 24, 2011

New floor for blind lady Galina.

We had this Dream posted in our Web-
Our blind lady Galina has rotten floors in her apartment. You can
see in the picture that there are holes everywhere. She often falls
down and it’s been a miracle that she hasn’t broken anything. Galina
receives a very small pension, barely enough to buy basic food so
she will never be able to fix her floor. We worry so much that her
floor is going to have more holes. We really want to fix the floor in
her little one bedroom apartment and we need $450 to do that.

In a few days the Dream was sponsored and we sent the money to
our PI Dream Agents in Central Asia. They did not wait a second.
Right away our PI ladies found workers and began to make
Galina’s dream come true. As always our PI ladies tried to find
good deals so they got all the materials to cover the holes very
cheaply, and they found two men who worked almost for free
because our ladies asked them for charity. Yes…they have
boldness to ask …they say-“They won’t beat us for asking.
The worst thing they could do is say-“no”…but if they say “no”
it does not mean we will have to pay full price …it means we
can ask other people….”

And the dream of not having holes was realized…but our PI ladies
always like to do more. They had some money left over and they
decided to cover the floors with linoleum. It is something the blind
lady loves because it is very easy to clean. Can you believe we
covered the floors of the kitchen, bedroom and living room with

And still they had some money left…so they decided to buy a couch
for Galina. It is a used couch but in a very good condition.

Thank you so much for such amazing gifts for our blind lady Galina!!!
February 2011

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