Monday, April 18, 2011

Little boy Sasha got a desk!!!

We had posted this Dream on the Website

This is Sasha. He has cerebral palsy and because
of that he cannot go to school. But our PI ladies
want to teach him. He lives with his grandmother. His dad died and his mom left them a long time ago and is never coming back. Our PI lady is asking us to help her start lessons by getting Sasha a desk. She found some old metal bars that she can make into a new table. She needs $40 to do so. Please help our little Sasha have his lessons.

This Dream was sponsored right away and we were
so excited to send the money to our Dream Agents.
Our PI ladies found a man who could immediately fix
the table. He did a great job! Right now Sasha has started
his lessons with one of our PI ladies. He is making great
progress. His grandmother said that it is so helpful for her
because everything he learns is useful. She also said that
it is so much easier to understand Sasha now and know
exactly what he wants. The desk and lessons have changed
Sasha’s life. Thank you so much for helping us help Sasha!!!

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