Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Canadian Thanksgiving...in Mexico

Lauren with Jackson Bursey
Hi there blog followers!

Hope the weather isn't getting too cold up there. It's still high 20's here at night. ;)

So this past weekend was Thanksgiving (in Canada), and being that we ARE Canadian, we put together a lovely thanksgiving feast with some of our Canadian friends here. It was so nice to have some traditional "comfort" food and remember how blessed we are being able to work here in Mexico.

Desiree showing off the new computer that was donated for the orphanage

As we continue to wait on some of the legal stuff, we do not lose spirit! A few days ago, we got a playground for the orphanage!! And shortly after,  a youth group came by and helped us start preparing the area for the playground to be set up. It's exciting stuff, and I'll be sure to send a picture your way when we finish putting it together.

Lisa & Desiree sitting on the recently donated playground

This youth group also assisted us with getting all of our mattresses set up. It's so cool seeing everything fall into place. We're definitely getting excited and anxious!

I'm fitting in quite well here. I even got invited out for tacos the other night! I felt so... Mexican. Haha

Special Agent Lauren Pauls with Dream Agent Lisa Bursey...keeping the FUN in philanthropy!

Well thanks for reading. I'll keep in touch.


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