Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our PI Dream Agents are getting new skills.

In Central Asia our PI ladies take some type of lessons during
the year. We have had really great results. For example one
of our ladies who works with the blind people graduated from
hairdressing school and now helps blind people.
Two ladies from the Baby Orphanage graduated from massage
therapy classes and now they help the babies in their orphanage.
The PI ladies do this on their own time and do not get paid to do
so. They have a huge desire to improve their quality of work.
We just received our 2010 report-one of the ladies graduated from
sewing classes. Take a look at her first work! There was an old bench
in the medical room and she made a cover for it. She says that this
was a very simple work. She is excited about the future and how she
will make clothing for the children in the orphanage.

Another lady had to learn how to cook -- something very simple, not
expensive but very-very delicious. Then she did some cooking with the
children at her project. Look how much fun they are having. They made
traditional food, something like a fried perogy.

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