Monday, April 18, 2011

Little boy Vadim got a bike!!!

We had this Dream posted-

From our Dream Agents :
This boy's name is Vadim. He only has his grandmother.
His dad left him a long time ago, and his mother left him

They are living on the grandmother's small pension which
provides them with just some basic food. Vadim dreams
about a bike. He saw his neighbors on a bike and really,
really wants to have one.The bike costs $80. Would you
please help us with $20 or more!
The Dream was sponsored and we sent money to our
Dream Agents in Central Asia. They said it was so
much fun looking for a good bike for Vadim. Vadim
wanted the bike so much. Out PI Dream Agent said
when she brought the bike to Vadim it was raining.
Vadim had his coat on and was waiting for half an hour
by the door sitting on the bike until the rain finished.
When rain stopped he ran outside. It took him only 10
minutes to learn how to ride the bike. He was so proud
of himself. His face was shining with happiness. Our
PI lady said that it was so cute that he was trying not to
smile and look cool like a man. Thank you so much for
helping Vadim’s Dream come true.

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