Saturday, April 16, 2011

Senior lady Tanya got medical checkup.

We had this Dream posted on our Website.
This letter is from our PI Dream Agent in
Central Asia.
Our dear blind lady Tanya has some medical
problems - her stomach is getting bigger and
bigger every day.

We took her to the doctor for a consultation. The doctor said that
she has to do an analysis of everything inside – an ultrasound of
the kidneys and liver, bloodwork and many other medical tests.
All together it will cost $125. Could you please help our blind
senior Tanya find out what is wrong with her? Please help us
with a donation of $25 or more
This Dream was sponsored and we even received an extra $25.
Our ladies took Tanya to the hospital and ensured all the tests
were completed. We found out that she has a problem with her
liver. The doctors wrote out a long prescription. Our PI ladies
had to go to seven or eight Pharmacies to find all the medication.
But Tanya now has all the medications she needs to take. The
extra $25 was spent on vitamins and nutritious food. Thank you
so much for helping our Tanya!!! She was so happy to receive the
help and she said –“Finally I won’t have any pain anymore.”
April 2011

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