Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby orphanage got diaper rush cream!!!

 Thank you Everyday Philanthropists for donating $270 for diaper cream

The babies are much happier and the workers are too!

We had received this request from our Dream Agents-

We work in two Baby Orphanages and each orphanage
has about 100 babies. As you can see in the picture the
biggest need we have is for diaper rash cream.
Actually we have never been able to purchase it. We
searched everywhere and couldn’t find it. But recently
we found the cream in one of the pharmacies. We were
so happy about our discovery. We have already spoken
with the people at the pharmacy and they will give us
a discount. One small bottle costs $4 but they will give
it to us for $3. We need at least 100 bottles of this diaper
rash cream ($300) for our two Baby Orphanages. Would
you please help us? This is an emergency!!! Please help
us purchase 10 bottles for $30, or even more bottles

PI Dream Agents were so happy to purchase the diaper
rash cream. It took them to travel around all city in order
to get the all amount. They were in 11 pharmacies because
none of them had many diaper rush creams, they had to buy
by little bit from each pharmacy. But they said that each
pharmacy gave them discount after they heard it is from
baby orphanage. So every time they got discount they realized
they can get more. Our PI ladies said that they are so
happy now knowing that kid’s bumps are in good condition
and babies do not cry anymore like crazy from the pain...All
the workers said "We are as happy as if we found gold today!!!”
Thank you so much for helping our little babies have clear skin
on their bottoms!!! 


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