Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Nargiza got a new bathtub!!!

We posted this Dream on our Website-

This is our little girl Nargiza who has special needs.
Nargiza has cerebral palsy. But with the help of
our PI ladies she is doing really well. Our PI lady
does special massage and physiotherapy with her.
Nargiza has a special request -- she
would like to have a very nice bathtub.

Could you please help
Nargiza by providing the special paint required to coat the
bathtub? Itwill cost $105.

This Dream was sponsored and we were able to help Nargiza's
dream come true. Nargiza is trying to walk now and she is doing
a good job with assistance. Her mom said that Nargiza made a 
special way to go to the bathroom. You can see where she hangs
on to the wall. Her mother said the paintis almost chipping off the
wall because Nargiza runs to the bathroom all day long and looks
at her beautiful bathtub.
Thank you so much for making Nargiza's life beautiful!!!

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