Friday, February 24, 2012

A dream come true continued...

Who doesn't enjoy a "feel good" story? Well, this is a story that gets better and better...thanks to an observant Everyday Philanthropist.
A couple months ago, we posted a dream to help an orphan named Vova.  Vova recently left the orphanage (too old to live there anymore) and started living in his own apartment.  Our PI ladies recognized that one of his biggest needs was for a new, safe stove to cook with.  This is the picture of the one he was using!

Well THIS dream was sponsored and has since been fulfilled.  Here is a pic of Vova with his new stove.

But, the story doesn't end of our Everyday Philanthropists noticed (through another picture) that Vova was sleeping on the floor.  So, she sent us money to purchase a new bed! This was not even a dream we had posted....just an observant donor.  Our PI ladies took Vova to the market where they purchased a new bed, mattress and blanket.  He said he feels like a king!

Changing the dream at a time.

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