Friday, February 3, 2012

Overwhelmed....with gratitude

Shopping for soap for Lepers
Every day I am on the go to buy things to get ready to fulfill dreams. And it’s not just about going to one place and getting ALL that you, it’s more like going to one market to buy buckets to another to buy footballs and yet another to find a wheel chair. Nothing is ever in one place around here.  And then, it’s not just a quick drive from one spot to another’s hours and hours in traffic to get where you are going. Then when you finally get there, there are hundreds of people trying to buy the same exact thing that you want to buy. Crazy and tiring ...but at the same time a lot of fun!

I know you must think I am a little crazy for loving this (especially after the description above) but it’s the final results that make me love what I do here in Ghana Africa. It’s the 5:40am phone call that I received this morning from one of the young boys (not even one of the children sponsored) in Koforidua thanking me for helping his family with uniforms, shoes and school supplies. And immediately after he hangs up his adopted mother calls thanking me for blessing their lives, then she passes the phone to Isaac, her son to thank me, then to Michael and then to Marsha and then to Hanah… All saying, "Mama Sherry thank you so much for what you’ve done for me and for my family".

You see, it’s not just about giving a back-pack or school supplies to these children, it’s about showing them that people really and truly care about their needs. It’s about the simple acts of kindness! It’s about hope and love!

It’s the heartfelt gratitude in their voices, the big smiles and even the nickname "Mama Sherry", that makes it all worthwhile -- every market trip, every hour in traffic and even turning my bedroom into a storage room.

Today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for YOUR help -- my Canadian friends. I am at lost for words to begin to express the emotion that I feel this morning. (And for those of you who know me, know that for me to be lost for words is something else) Thank you, thank you, thank you………

My room at the end of 6 weeks of shopping- preparing!!! :-)

Buying shoes for the School uniform/shoes dream

Michael packing back packs

Buying the beds for the AOH Children's Home Dream

Michael and I shopping for mattresses - AOH Bunk beds dream

Shopping at the market with Patience...for her NEW business!!

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