Monday, February 13, 2012

Update from Special Agent Pauls - 02.13.12

Well blog followers, it's cold here!!! Since I've been back, there have been maybe 2 nice sunny days. The rest are filled with clouds, rain and "cold-ness".
You should see us walking around here all bundled up with multiple sweaters, fuzzy socks and we are almost always seen with a hot beverage in hand!!!

But I'm not complaining, I did hear about your 10cm of snow up there. Haha

Lisa's parents are still with us, they definitely bring some laughs and wisdom to the house. They're very helpful too! We were out at the orphanage the other day and I was sorting through the clothes, trying to organize everything and I decided that the clothes should all be washed as they were musty smelling. And Kay just jumped right in helping me wash and hang all of the clothes.
We like having them here. :)

Also, this week we will be preparing for a team from Napanee, who are arriving next Monday. Lisa and I have been brainstorming some meals and have been trying to decide how 'Mexican' we should feed them. We're getting pretty pumped for there arrival. This team will be helping build a laundry facility for the orphanage, and probably end up doing so much more. And this will be my first team experience here, so I'm excited to see how everything works out. It should be a great week!

That's all for now folks. Just thought I'd keep you in the loop.

Hasta luego.
Special Agent Pauls

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