Friday, February 3, 2012

Sherry's room? or the local market? Read to find out!

WOW I have not stopped since my return to Ghana...and now the time is quickly approaching for me to fulfill several more dreams that have been sponsored:  shoes & school uniforms for underprivileged kids like Zipporah and Ralph; school supplies for orphans;  a wheelchair for Isaac;  meals at school for  James and Patricia; glasses for Linda; and the big party at the Ho leprosarium.  Woohooo!!

I have been buying and buying the things needed to go to Koforidua and the Volta Region to fulfill these dreams for weeks now and finally the time has almost come (it's a good thing too because my room is starting to look like the local market!) Everyday something else gets added to the pile. It’s been like this since I arrived back in Ghana… as you can see in the photo, the corner of my bed has become my dresser.  I haven’t really had time to unpack… Actually I don’t have a dresser to pack it in. LOL It will come!!!

So with much anticipation for tomorrow to come, I say good night and ask that you stay tuned to read the reports from Koforidua and Ho- the Leprosy village (on Saturday)..

Did I tell you yet today that I LOVE MY JOB??????? Thanks to all you everyday philanthropists that have helped these dreams become a reality!

Have a great one!

Notice that Phil the monkey is in on the action!!

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  1. Yes shopping is certainly an adventure, i helped in creating this market in sherry's room :-)