Wednesday, February 1, 2012

8 year old uses birthday party to raise money for orphans

An 8 year old "princess" asked her mom if, instead of gifts for her birthday, she could ask for donations for orphan birthday parties.

With 30 kids in attendance and 4 adult helpers, a fun time was had by all. There was a cotton candy machine... and cake. The room was set up in carnival-style stations with different games and lots of prizes. There was even a photo corner where kids could get dressed up in costumes!  (Talk about putting the FUN in Philanthropy ...Phil, our monkey mascot would be proud)

The best part??  $240 was raised! This money will go toward orphan birthday parties in Central Asia.

Kids helping THAT'S what I'm talking about!!  

Everyone can be a philanthropist, IAM1RU?

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