Sunday, August 26, 2012

Almost "Ghana"...tomorrow is our last day

It's hard to believe that we leave tomorrow night.  The time here has flown by. We've been busy this week doing and seeing all kinds of things - giving us a rounded experience of Ghana.  We have made some new friends, and will miss them and all the wonderful children we've had the chance to hug and hold. 
For this update, we will let the pictures help tell the story of our time here.

After the street party, we got to announce to Gifty's family that her dream has been sponsored! (allowing her to go to school for another year)
We stayed one night at a beach to "catch our breath" from the busyness. This is where we ate our supper and breakfast.

Enjoying the magnificent Atlantic ocean

Helping some locals pull in a net of fish (this was not a successful catch)

Our boat ride to the island where we stayed

The grass huts we slept in

The boat ride back to the van

Rebecca is helping a girl with her new t-shirt before we head out to the market for the Assurance of Hope Dream day!

After shopping (for 41 kids in a busy market), we took them ALL to a pizza restaurant for lunch. 

We visited Kakum National Park and walked on 7 rope bridges like this one.

At Kakum National Park - the team poses for a pic (it was SOOO is the rainforest after all)
We stopped at a restaurant on our way home...and they had crocodiles in their ponds!!

The signs posted at the restaurant lol
The team sporting our African made outfits for church. 

Dakota and Peter I believe

Gen and Nii (the comedian of the cute)

Rebecca and William 

Nicole and either Grace or Destiny (they are twins)

Pastor Dick with ?? (don't know his name)

Amber playing with one of the girls at AOH

Dakota helping give out shirts before shopping with the AOH kids

Dakota's group at the market (we got them an outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, underwear, undershirt and then took them out for lunch!!)

Wendy with Emmanuel (I think)

Preparing spaghetti dinner for our Volunteer Appreciation dinner.  Trying to cook Canadian food in a Ghanian kitchen...not so easy!!

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