Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 3 - Painting at the children's home

We feel like we've been here for a week already cause we have traveled so much and been so busy.  Today we met the children and workers at the Assurance of Hope Children's Home in Teshie.  In the past several months, we have posted and fulfilled a few dreams for these kids - a pizza party at Christmas, new bunk beds (to replace sleeping on the floor) and we fixed the screens and louvres on the windows.
Our job today was to fulfill a recently sponsored dream to paint the outside of the home and the wall that surrounds it.  The team worked hard (in the hot sun) and had some help from our amazing Ghanian volunteers (volunteers that work with Sherry & Mike on a regular basis).  After a full workday, the job was complete-- scraped, painted and window frames painted.  We wish we had a before pic so you could see the transformation!!

We did manage to squeeze in a bit of playtime with the kids of course. When we arrived, the kids had prepared a few songs and poems to perform for us. I tried to upload a video to share, but the internet is a bit too slow. I will try to post some videos once we return home. You will also see that we shared our iam1ru temporary tattoos with the kids -- and the adults wanted them too!

We are all doing well -- enjoying the culture, meeting new people and loving all the kids!

Wendy getting some "lovin".  The kids were excited and extremely affectionate!

Pastor Dick with a happy young man

Some of the painting crew

Rebecca sweeping away cobwebs and dust to prep for painting

Sherry has a little "tag along" -- Nii

Showing off their iam1ru tattoos!

Some of the girls showing off their iam1ru tattoos

Amber painting the front gate

Rebecca, Gen and Dakota painting the outside of the front gate

Our painting crew! Way to go team!! (notice the Canadian wind-flag we hung)

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