Friday, August 24, 2012

Some thoughts from the team...

I asked the team members to each share something about their experience here in Ghana so far....

Dakota (age 13) - My whole experience here in Africa has been different than I had expected.  We have all been affected in different ways.  Seeing the children from the leprosarium and how happy they are even though they had close to nothing was an awakening for all of us.  Though most of us had expected the worst, we were still surprised by the reality of it all. Even the simple things like toilets, clothing and somewhere to call home. Those are all things that these children live without in their day to day lives. But seeing all of this shouldn't take us and make us feel helpless, it should inspire all of us to continue doing what we are doing and live life to the fullest. Change lives one at a time, and end the cycle of poverty!

Rebecca (age 17) - It's amazing how big of a difference and impact one person can make on a child whether it's a gift, a hug, attention or even a smile. On this Africa trip I got the opportunity to spend an entire day with 66 excited leprosarium children on a long bus ride, and shopping trip at the market.  To make the bus ride a little more exciting, a few children puked on my pants! haha They were a little car sick! This day was by far one of my favourite highlights of my trip because it was jam packed full of laughter, and giggles, and I got to see how appreciative and grateful they are. No matter what situation they are in, they find happiness and make something positive out of it. I learned simple life lessons just from being with those children for a day, and I will never ever forget that day.

Nicole (adult) - Our skin is different, but we are the same. At first, they won't hold my hand, later they fight over who holds it. A day later tears fall as I have to let them go.

Gen (age 22) - Africa is so different than the movies! No wild giraffes and lion kings. No crazy monkeys stealing food. Different in a good way - smiling faces everywhere, warm greetings and waves. For people who have so little they are full of happiness and joy. The moral of the Ghanian people makes me reflect about those back in Canada that have every things they could ever want BUT happiness.

Amber (age 17) - My favourite part of this trip so far was visiting with the children from the leprosy village. When we took the kids to the market to buy clothes they were so excited and well behaved but they were very shy. When I would smile at them or tell them they were beautiful, they would hide. When we came back to visit them, they were so happy and all they wanted to do was love on us and hold our hands. My best memory about being there was singing songs with them -  they learned so well and their faces just glowed with happiness. It was very hard to leave them. 

Dick a.k.a "Pastor Dick" (adult) - Being a "veteran" of a number of missions trips, the highlight for me is to share this "missions adventure" with my daughter and two granddaughters. I am proud and blest.

Wendy - trip leader (adult) - Most of my favourite moments on this trip (and in fact all trips I am part of) is spending time with the children. They are SO loveable!!  But, also, as a leader, a special highlight for me is watching the team in action.  I am so proud of them and their positive, non-complaining attitudes - even when "lunch" isn't eaten until suppertime, van rides are long and bumpy, and the food isn't what they were hoping for.  I have had the privilege of seeing them serve and love the people of Ghana in a very real way!

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