Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 2 - A visit to the Leprosarium

After our big shopping day yesterday (we picked up all the children when it was still dark...and didn't get them home until dark - long day!!), we went to visit them and their families at the leprosarium today. Because of a great currency exchange rate AND some great bartering at the market....we had some money leftover from the "dream day" sponsorships and were able to purchase some food staples for the leprosarium.

We bought rice, oil, sugar, sardines, tomato paste and brought some donations of first aid supplies.  We presented them to the families that were there and took some time to tour the property, visit the shut ins and play with the children. It was a very moving experience and several of us shed more than a few tears after visiting the shut ins and meeting some people who deal with severe physical challenges and don't have access to some of the tools and resources we have in Canada.

The joy and energy of the children helped to lift our spirits before we had to say good-bye.

 You will notice the great looking outfits they are wearing in the pictures - they each put on one of the two outfits they purchased yesterday at the market - thanks to generous 'everyday philanthropists' who sponsored the shopping sprees.

some of the boys modeling their new outfits

setting up the donations of food and first aid supplies

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