Monday, August 20, 2012

Our first Dream Project with 66 children

We had posted a dream project on the website to take 110 children out for a "Dream Day" that consisted of shopping in the market (for the first time ever) and choosing their own clothing and shoes (instead of just 'hand-me-downs')...and then a pizza lunch at a nearby restaurant. Amazingly, our team of 7 along with a group of 14 fantastic volunteers from here in Ghana, managed to maneuver a busy market and buy 2 outfits, shoes and underclothing for the first 66 children!!! (the others will get their turn this Friday)

We split into 6 groups - one Canadian with 2 Ghanian volunteers and 11 children.  We ALL took a 4 hour bus ride (with a couple car sick children and a couple "potty breaks...without the potty") but we made it safely to the market.  It was PACKED with people, but our team did a fantastic job of keeping the children in tow.  Our newly printed t-shirts that were sponsored just before we left were a HUGE help in keeping track of everyone.  Check out the pics below. (will try to post more later - we are busy and limited internet access)

Amber made some new friends

Rebecca and her bus buddies

Nicole sat with the kids as well!  (see their new t-shirts?)

Gen got the kids all "worked up" lol

You can get an idea how CRAZY busy the market was...this is just one street (a small piece of the market) 

One of the groups choosing their new shoes

Our amazing Dream Team!  (the Canadian team is easy to spot lol)

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