Saturday, December 29, 2012

iam1ru - El Salvador Day 2

It was quite a day.  The team finished the house build....with a nice fence as well as some landscaping.  Ken & Michelle (our Dream Agents here) took the family along with myself and Erika and Lorena to Walmart to buy them some new clothes as well as some food to really get them jump started in their new place.  At the end of the day I chatted with the mom and thanked her for the opportunity to help them and to serve them.  I let her know it was the generosity of Canadians and Americans that allowed us to help them.  She looked at me and said this "Thank you so much for this lovely house, now when it rains we will not get wet."  Yeah...I think I will leave it right there.
 Here are some pics from today.

I took the team and YWAM staff out last night for ice cream.  This is the shopping
area we ended up in.  I resisted...however I thought about Wendy Pauls...this shopping place
might have been too much for her. :)

Youngest boy hard at work helping.  He shook my hand three times today
and while doing that he smiled and looked up at me and said in perfect
english...."Thank you!"

Concrete floor baby!  That is what I am talking about.

George hard at it.  Once he lost his hat on the ride back from lunch
his production went sharply downhill.  :)
Last minute instructions before the shopping spree began.
Ken & Michelle helping the boys pick out new shoes.
Ken waiting for the young lads who were trying on some clothes.

We are in line waiting to check out!  Uncle Kenny got into trouble
because he was recording the checkout.  Security was on him and he had to show part of his video.

Erika was responsible for the landscaping.  This team went way beyond
building the house...we are talking fence....concrete steps....landscaping.

Rick doing some concrete work on the steps.  

Completed house with a lovely fence and door,

The family(right in the front) with the build team and the police that watched over us
while we built the house.

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