Friday, December 28, 2012

iam1ru El Salvador Team - Day 1

Today was house building day.  We are building a house for single mom and her three kids.  Up to this point they have been living under someones overhanging roof.  Hello?  It is crazy.  They were around all day watching the progress.  The cool thing is tomorrow we are taking them shopping for clothes and food....really getting them set up in their new house.

Here are a few pics from today.

We arrived to find a nice level cleaned piece of land.
Jon Snyder introducing the family(the four on the right) to the team.
George Passmore getting busy!
I had the opportunity to join our Dream Agents Ken & Michelle Desaulnier as they fulfilled
a dream.  They delivered an awesome stroller to this mom that takes her little girl to therapy a couple times a week.  Her little girl was getting to big to carry.
C'mon now!  You should have seen the look on the mom's face!  Hello! Come in Tokyo!  Way to go Ken & Michelle!
The posts are going in.
George(left) & Rick Martin(right) posing with the local police.
George had to try and hold the gun!  lol.
Al Leduc from Espanola balancing on a ladder and drilling.
Quite talented.
Near the end of the day.  They tell me it was blazing hot up
on the roof.  I was hanging out in the shade.

Almost finished.  Back tomorrow for a few hours.  Taking the
family shopping.

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