Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day Five

 Today was a day of excitement, anticipation, laughter, joy, hope and tears.
Today we went back to the village where we built 5 homes. The medical team was the first to arrive on the scene. They saw 200+ people. While the medical team was looking after those who were in need of medical attention, the kids of the village were entertained with some games, music, pinatas and a bouncy castle. It was pure chaos, and we would have asked for nothing else.
When the medical team finished up for the day, we prepared for the meal and food distribution. We fed 450 people a hot meal as well as gave them a food hamper with all the necessities they would need.
When we were preparing to leave at the end of the day, the entire community gathered around us and shared some letters of thanks they wrote for us.  It was an incredibly emotional experience that we will all remember. We had the opportunity to bless and change the lives of hundreds of people this week, but little did we know that it would us who would also walk away, significantly changed.

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