Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Two

Today, the building team and medical team worked together on a project -- painting the home of our Dream Agents, John and Laurie King.  It was a simple gesture to thank them and bless them for the work they do helping others day-in and-day-out. "Many hands make light work" as they say, so it was great to have lots of hard workers to tackle this job. In the afternoon, we ventured into the city of Antigua for some sightseeing, shopping and dinner. Tomorrow is the start of four full days of building and medical clinics (and a couple other projects), so we are thankful for the slightly more relaxed day today.  Finally, today we celebrated an important birthday for one of our team members -- Natalie turned 18 today! The celebration started with "birthday pancakes" and ended with a loud version of Happy Birthday in the town square (see the group pic at the bottom).

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