Monday, March 4, 2013

Day Three

What an incredible day today.
The build team built 3 houses today, for a total of 5 houses! That is five families who's lives are drastically changed for the better. In the pictures below, you will see a family in front of their old house as well as the inside. You will understand the reason why what we are doing here is so important. There will be a follow up picture soon with their new house.

The medical had a great day as well. They went back to a village that they had previously worked in during a past trip, which gave them the opportunity to see some familiar faces, check ups on previous patients and hugs with kids who were more than excited to see the faces of people who love them so much. We also have a couple dreams that came out of the medical clinic like 87 year old Maria Garcia and 86 year old Tomasa Santos, both of which need medical exams costing $80 each. For more information and how to fulfill the dreams, you can check out
For those of you who are following the blog because you have family/friends on the medical team, the photographer was not with them today which is why there are no pictures of them in action doing what they do best, but he will be with them tomorrow so you'll see lots of pictures on the next blog post!

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