Friday, January 1, 2010

Are you kidding me?

This is Sam...Fred is a bit under the weather...more about Fred later.
Salon (who you see in the above pic) is 30 years old. Her daughter Evangeline is 9 and the little guy Joshua is 18 months old. Joshua is Salon's nephew...his mom died when he was two months old. Joshua has cerebral palsy.
Salon and her family really need to get out of their present location(which is a 6' X 6' room) and move into a place that has a door...where she can keep herself and her children safe. With the help of an "Everyday Philanthropist" we have given enough money to the people we partner her with in Haiti to find a place to rent for Salon for the next year. The boy (Joshua) needs physio treatments to help with his sickness and these treatments ( a couple times a week) cost $32/month....about $375/year. I felt very strongly that we needed to help this young boy. So...if you would like to help with these treatments you can email us at

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