Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas with our little friends...

The one thing that grips me about our work in Central Asia is... "If not you then who?" I see things and share stories, and our hearts break, but we don't always do anything about it. I think that we are conditioned in North America to believe that if we do not help, some how some way someone will step up and do the right thing. But in a land with little or now social network and so much poverty, there really not much Hope of change unless we step in ... I am reminded of this ever time I look at this photo of Violeta from the header of my blog.

I just received some Christmas reports from Larissa... Larissa knows where my heart is , and knows the concern I have for my friends who make a life for themselves at the dump... As soon as her party money arrived , one of her first stops was to bring a special Christmas meal and gifts to Violeta and Alena at there home. If you click on this photo for a close up, you will see a nice table set to the left with muffins , salads, tea and lots of other treats......

Larissa shared with me how the kids all still talk about their great day when we brought them skating and to the resteraunt... they are still excited to tell about it like it had just happened... but she finishes her letter to me by saying ..
"Ther childhood spend on the damp with her mother to find food and things.Her toys she find from dump.John maybe somebody could support her .She need normal food and warm things . Thank you for all. Larissa"

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