Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time to Change Gears & Make a Turn!

I believe it was not by mistake that I had a team in Haiti just before the earthquake.  I have wanted to do something there for a long time .  There are lots of good people doing lots of good things.  At PI we had a trip planned to Uzbekistan for May that did not work out (more details to come soon) and we were planning to take a team to Ukraine in July.  The Ukraine trip has been postponed so that we can concentrate on Haiti.  The Wright family is planning to go to Kyrgyzstan in March and we are thrilled to send them as we have great things going on there.  The iam1ru Guatemala team is still heading to Guatemala and will build a house there, as well as do medical clinics.
However, we are changing gears a bit, and making some turns.  Haiti needed help before...they definitely need it now.  PI will help in "raising the rubble".  We are just working on some details for trips.  People continue to give...

I will continue to challenge all that I come in contact with to join the growing "nation" of everyday philanthropists.  There is a group of people rising together that believe that we can do far more together than we could ever do alone.  They are giving to "Haiti relief" efforts...they are signing up to partner with us on a monthly basis...they believe.  So do I.
It is time to downshift just a bit...make the turn...handle the corner... then put the pedal to the middle!

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