Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is it possible?

Please answer this question, "Is it possible to have less than nothing?"

While I was in Haiti with a team (we left a couple days before the earthquake hit) I found myself saying a few times "these people have nothing".   If you have "nothing" before an 7.0 earthquake...what would you have after?  Less than nothing?  Is it possible?
The Canadian International Development Agency is matching dollar for dollar personal donations given to eligible charities for Haiti Emergency Relief.  We are one of those organizations(oh yeah baby).  For every dollar given by individuals before February 12th...CIDA will match it... to a total of $50 million nationwide.  Give what you can.  We have way more than "nothing".... give of your "something" so that folks in Haiti have something more than "nothing".  Help us help the Manaserro Family "rebuild the ruins"...."raise the rubble"..."feed the hungry"..."bandage the broken" and "help the hopeless".
In Canada you can give here.
In US you can give here.

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