Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm leaving on a jetplane...

There is much to contemplate after a visit to Haiti.  Scott Helps is doing exactly that sitting by the pool at Wahoo Bay.  We had a little R&R during our last full day here.  One of the things that is incredible to me is that while we are doing our best to impact a few lives here in Haiti in partnership with Bill & Susette Manaserro....there are incredible things happening in a Central Asia at the same time.  All of these things are taking place because of the partnership we have at PI with "everyday philanthropists" like you!  Thank you so much!
Carrie Underwood wrote a song that she sings called "Change".  The lyrics of the chorus go something like this..."Just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world...don't listen to them when they say, you're just a fool, just a fool to believe you can change the world".
I let my son Scott listen to the song and after he heard it he looked at me and said these words, "Yup, that is a Sam Welten kind of song"...I took that as a compliment.  Call me a fool if you like, but I believe that we can raise a "nation" of people that can see our world changed.  We can do far more together than we could ever do alone.  While children from the street are being blessed here in Haiti....children, adults and the elderly in Kyrgyzstan are getting the "mother" of all Christmas's...and the list goes on. me a John Wright a the nation of "everyday philanthropists" we are building all fools if you like.  In every place we do these types of things we partner with folks that are there long term...we are not "one shot" wonders....we are just fools that believe we can change the world.

Thank you Brianne....Scott & Heather Helps....Sarah Helps...Scott Welten....Dan Helps.
Fools....everyone of you!
Yes.....I believe.

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