Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday was furiously busy!

This will be the site of the Christmas Presentation next Wednesday.  It will be transformed into a theatre and the area in front will be filled with chairs and benches.

The crew feeding about 90 kids at the feeding program on Friday afternoon.  It will be these children and family members that will make up the majority of the 400 people that will fill the space above for the presentation.

George was getting right into it!  He was having way too much fun passing out food and water to the kids!

Jody Pilon from Lively, Ontario was making sure this youngster got all the food down to the last little bit.  It was cool watching her feed this little one.

Milt Farrow or the "Whistle Man" as he is now known here in the Guest House, has been busy helping pack the 400 gift bags.
The team has been hard at it with no sickness to this point.  The weather has been hot...about 28c/day.  It cools down at night to about 22C-23C.

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