Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It was crazy!

Well...what a day!  This Canadian team was incredible....seriously.  They were a credit to their country.
The day started early with setup beginning at 8am.

It was a good thing we started was pretty hot today.

After a couple hours we had a very nice theatre setup ready for the folks to begin to pour in.

The Big Kahuna, Bill Manaserro was running sound for the event.  He is one cool cat!

We opened the doors at about 2:30 for a 3pm start.  As you can see there was a lineup outside.  Each person got a wristband that entered.  We handed out 400 wristbands.  It was supposed to make the whole event go was wild.

It was a full house.  By the time we got around to feeding 400 people it was dark. It was crazy.  Wow.
Everybody got rice....a couple salads....chicken....and a drink.

 It was crazy.  Man....I live for this stuff.  The Fin was loving it all!  Ask him about chasing the kid that scaled over the wall trying to get an extra gift bag!  I am talking about reflexes like a cat baby!

Notice the white spots?  That is dust.  The line was constantly was pressing forward...the children wanting a gift bag.  Jody Pilon had my back!  It was a blast.
We are leaving tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the video to be released over the next week.  It is not too late to sponsor a dream before Christmas on the iam1ru website.
Thanks again to all who sponsored the gift bags and the trip in general.  The team was props to them all...
Mary Farrow.....your heart to serve was incredible...watching you do dishes most nights...full of joy...brought joy and passion to my soul.
Marcel are a working machine.  However, watching  you collect garbage after feeding 400 did my soul well.
George Passmore...watching you be "moved" by one encounter after another was incredible.  Keep serving all in your path.
Roger were created to do this stuff as much as you can.  What an asset you are to any team!
Kelly are like a Humanitarian Trip McGyver!  You crack me up!  You need to travel with me more!
Jody Pilon...anytime...any PI Team...just let me know when.
Gabriela and serving overflows from your pockets.  C'mon now!
Milt Farrow...our elder statesman!  You are a tribute to what it means to be Canadian and a servant.
Peter "Fin" had my back at all times.  Let's do it again baby!

Group Hug!

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  1. guys are amazing!!!! :) I miss the laughter in the guest house. It was a blessing meeting y'all ;)

    Love, Deja