Friday, December 17, 2010

The work has begun....

The ride from the airport was an eye opener for a few.  However, no one complained about the 28C heat.  Pete Findlay was not missing the "streamers" off Lake Huron at all.  It was about a 35 minute ride to the Guest House where we are staying.  After a good nights sleep we were off to start the work of helping the Manaserros pull off the Christmas Program.

The "build" team of Kelly, Pete, George and Marcel were getting the tools together for the building to begin.  Some of the funds raised will go to help purchase the supplies for the "sets" and "backdrops" for the presentation.

Packing of 400 gift bags has begun.  Here in this picture Gabriela, Jody and Mary are busy packing each bag.  Each bag will contain a hacky sac, toy fan, whistle, treasure chest, skipping rope, hot wheels car, package of band aids, toothbrush and tooth paste.  Jody and some of her friends made the special bags with a draw string on the top.  They are the bomb!  We had extra money come in for the gift bags which is a good thing as we have had a few extra expenses "pop up" with pulling off the Presentation.  Thanks so much to everyone that donated to the gift bags and to helping with this trip.  Stay tuned for further reports!

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