Monday, December 20, 2010

The team is in high gear...

It is 9:45am here and it is already 25C and climbing.  I admire the Manaserros so much as they not only have long term plans and dreams but they also deal with the "immediate" day after day.  As you can see by the pic below here is a lineup of people looking for help, standing outside the guest house at 9:30am.

                        ......wait a that George Passmore standing in the front of the line?

The gift bags are almost complete.  Mary, Jody and Gabriela did a wonderful job.  Thank you so much to all those that donated to the gift bags.  We actually had extra money come in which we have used to help purchase extra supplies to build a stage, some backdrop material, some material for curtains and we are also throwing a bit of a party for the folks that live in a small tent city in the ravine close to here.  Trust me...there are always more needs than we have money!  However, your generosity has helped us bring hope to many.

Here are the guys measuring the area for the curtains that will be put up for the presentation.  We are doing a lot of ground work and building that will be used in years to come.

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