Monday, December 20, 2010

It was quite a day!

The kids gathered at 10am this morning for rehersal.  As you can see they were working hard at listening intently to instructions.

Today was "feeding program" day again.  Usually about 90-100 children gather for some fun activities and some food, which is usually rice and beans.  However, today for a few extra bucks we were able to have chicken added to the meal and we found out something else was happening with the children and an extra 100 kids or more were invited in.  It was crazy!  Below is a pic of the little children sitting and enjoying their meal.

Okay...are you ready for a cool story?  There was a man there who's name was Gary and he runs a small orphanage for boys that presently has 11 young lads that have come straight from the street.  They were at the afternoon feeding program today and when it came time to serve, they jumped right in to help serve the food.  When it came to the end of the serving time there was no food left for them.  They sat there very politely.  Marcel and I overheard a conversation about what they were going to do to feed the boys.  They were talking about taking them back to the orphanage to feed them.  If you know anything about PI you know what is coming next.  Oh yeah baby!  The last shall become first!  We gave Gary enough money to take the young lads out for a hamburg and fries and ice cream!  That is what I am talking about!  Every child should feel special.  This pic below is of the happy crew just before they "bolted" for the restaurant!  C'mon now...somebody shout!  I was thinking of my good friend Gramma Donna as I took this photo!


  1. Oh the story about the boys made my whole day!! God Bless each and every one of you as you bless the precious people of Haiti.

  2. Love the story about the boys too! Wish I could have been there to see it happen!