Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday and counting....

It is early Monday morning and most of us are up.  We will be heading to the team meeting soon at 7am on the roof of the Guest House.  Things will be happening fast and furious over the next couple of days as preparations are coming together quickly for the Christmas Presentation.  Stay tuned here daily for at least a couple reports per day.  Here are a few of my favourite pics of the first few days.

Gabriela Deschamps from Espanola is holding a little girl at the feeding program on Friday.  There are lots of little children all over the streets and you wonder who takes care of them.  Sometimes other children take care of them.  You wonder where the parent(s) are.

Mary Farrow is a machine!  Not only is she a machine...she is a machine with a smile on her face.  Always willing to help....always has a smile.

That crazy Milt Farrow.  While Mary (his wife) is busy sweeping he is busy shooting skating videos.  He tried to pass himself off as Tony ended up with him making this trip in the back of a secure truck.  I wonder where he is headed.  lol. are the bomb!

This is Dave.  He is not quite two yet and he wanders the street in front of the Guest House...sometimes all alone.  He seems to find himself in the Guest House quite a few times during the day.

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