Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An impromptu fiesta

Gordo, the birthday boy
So the coolest thing happened started out like any other day here in Linares, until Rosa and her three children dropped by the house. You see, today the kids were supposed to have a little party at school, and everyone was supposed to bring in some food. But Rosa had no food for her kids to bring in... so they didn't go to school. Her little boy, Gordo, suggested they drop by the Bursey's house!
So they came over and we played for a bit until we found out that they had no food, and then Rick decided we should get them some groceries. On our little grocery adventure, we also found out that it was Gordo's birthday and so we bought him a little cake. Afterward, we took the family home and it ended up turning in to a little neighborhood birthday party! The kids had a blast eating their cake and learning how to sing "happy birthday" in English. It was a wonderful afternoon, and we are so glad Rosa stopped by. Those are some of the sweetest kids I've ever seen. :)

You've heard of a milk mustache...this is an icing mustache
Gordo enjoying his cake!

Rick always has as much fun as the kids do!

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