Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Update from Special Agents Bos & May in Guatemala

Yesterday morning was spent with Dream Agent John King scouting out potential sites for medical clinics for the March 2012 PI Trip. The most important item on the checklist being at least one clean and working toilet. In the afternoon we shopped for medicines at the local pharmacy with Dream Agent Laurie King. We concentrated on treatment for water born intestinal infections since the rainy season is just ending and there has been a lot of flooding.
In the evening we counted pills into lots for easy dispensing. Thanks to everyone who donated so that we could make these purchases.
We also saw our first patient. A toddler who pulled a cup of hot tea on to their chin and upper chest causing a large second degree burn. Agnes, Laurie and I cleaned and dressed the wound and we will check back today.

Now, we are off to the first of our daily medical clinics.
Agnes scouting a medical site

Laurie & Dr. Doug getting medical supplies

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