Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Special Agent Pauls helps fulfill a dream in Mexico!


I helped fulfill my first dream!!! Now I feel like I am officially a "Special Agent".
Last weekend the team (Dream agents:  Desiree and Juan, Rick and Lisa and their boys Jackson and Alex, also accompanied by friend and nurse Karen) got together and headed out to bring a fridge, and stove top to Jackline's family - this will be their first time owning a fridge.
When we arrived, the family had cleaned up the area where the fridge would be placed and you could tell they were getting pretty excited! We spent the morning tidying up, setting up the fridge and stove and just talking with the family. Our friend Karen spent some time explaining the importance of cleaning and putting food away. This family has never had a place to put their food, and would leave it out to rot. Before we bought them this fridge, they had flies like you wouldn't believe!!! And the children there (I think there are 7 kids in total living there) would just eat the food that they saw, even if it had been sitting there in the hot sun all day...
Our team of agents here are pretty thrifty, and they found some good deals on the fridge and stove, SOOO we had some extra money for the family. So along with the hygiene talk/lesson, we asked what else they really needed.
The kids needed school shoes.
The schools here require the kids to wear black dress shoes, and these kids were getting in trouble at school because they did not have dress shoes. So guess what?! We went shopping!! The team and all 7 kids hopped in the van and headed off to buy some school shoes. It was so cool. It was a little crazy, trying to find the right size for each child but we did it!
Overall a very successful day!!! And a HUGE thank you to those who helped sponsor this dream! This family is forever grateful.

Hasta luego!!

Karen (nurse) explaining hygiene

Taking the kids shopping for school shoes

The new fridge and stove top

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