Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oct 28 Update from Guatemala - Special Agents Bos & May

Another eventful day of clinic.  Fortunately the woman that we sent for an ultrasound yesterday is doing well and the ultrasound was negative.  We examined a woman today who has been suffering with large skin growths on her chest, back and chin. We were unable to determine what these growths were caused by so we have taken pictures and will forward the photos and her history to a colleague in Canada who will hopefully be able to help us determine a diagnosis.
Laurie will follow up with this patient to ensure she receives the treatment that she needs.  It is reassuring for us to know as health care professionals that these patients will be followed even after our time here is done thanks to the hard work and dedication of Laurie and John King.  Tomorrow we will be making one last house visit to our two babies to check on them before our time here comes to an end. Our last day of clinic today ended on a very special note.  We had returned to the same location for a second day of clinic and a patient that we saw yesterday needed to come back today for some additional supplies.  She brought us each a butterfly  that she had made with "Benedictiones" written on the back along with our names, (Laurie, Ines, and Dug).  We will all treasure these as a reminder of how gracious and appreciative all our patients have been this week.

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