Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 29 Update from Guatemala - Special Agents Bos & May

This afternoon we made one last house call to our two small patients. The little baby with the burn is much happier and is healing very nicely. We were thrilled with the second baby's progress, his eye has returned to normal, his breathing has improved and we were even greeted with a smile today.
Tonight we celebrated a successful week of clinics with a lovely dinner out with the Kings. We were able to see approximately 60 patients per day at our clinics and not a single patient walked out of the clinic without expressing their gratitude with a “Dios los bendigos (God Bless)”, a hand shake, or a hug. I'm not sure that they realize that we benefit equally from the opportunity to help them and are so grateful that they allow us into their communities and homes. We also need to thank those of you who contributed to this trip though your donations. The funds that we received enabled us to buy the medications that we needed as well as provide emergency investigations for several patients this week. Hopefully you will hear from the Bos/May team again!


  1. Great to hear all the wonderful stories. Keep up the great work!