Monday, January 9, 2012

A dream come true in Teshie, Africa - The "Back-to-School Bash"

The “Back-to-School Bash” was a great success for the Assurance of Hope Children's Home in Teshie. While the initial plan was for pizza and pop, we were able to bring even MORE!!

Thanks to the generosity of the restaurant owner, we were able to bring wings and pastries too!

We played games like past the parcel, musical chairs,  Miq (Mike) Tamakloe played football with the older boys while Frank Effah and I played past the parcel and musical chairs with the younger children..

Before we ate the children sang, danced and recited poems!
The children were so happy that we came. They had an amazing time.  When I asked what their favorite food was, some of the children answered, "pizza", while some said, "chicken",  and others said, "the pastries". (good thing we had a variety!)

I am sure that that was probably the most food they have eaten in one sitting in a long while. Rhoda and her parents were overjoyed. In fact, at times they were speechless. The guys, Miq and Frank (my iam1ru misson team members) were so happy with all that happened that day. My other friends were all busy on Saturday.. I am so happy that Miq and Frank were able to come and help. If not I would have had to do it all alone!!!  We were there for over 5 hours… but not one moment was wasted. It was awesome.

The pizza was amazing.. But there is another story here as well… When I went to the Eddy’s Pizza to order the pizzas the day before the party, I was telling Eddy the owner what I was doing and why and he asked how he could help… I was stunned… So I told him to do whatever felt like doing… He said he would donate wings for all the Children.. woohooo wings and pizza.. Imagine how happy the children were going to be… Well, something better happened. The next day when I went to pick up the pizzas, not only did Eddy’s have the wings prepared but two trays of pastries… He said he just wanted to make the children happy.. I was so touched and blessed…
Please give a big shout out on our next newsletter to him… I told him we would blog and then give him the link… I LOVE MY WORK… and the people that are brought into my life!!! AWESOME..
Thanks so much Canada for all of your support… We can do far more together than I could ever do alone

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Acting like a monkey while playing "pass the parcel"

Nii won the "pass the parcel" game prize!

Frank, playing with the children

Some of the older boys at the home

Explaining the significance of the candy cane (before handing them out!)

Miq helping pass out the pencils

Bless proudly wearing his maple leaf head band

Sherry with Miq, Frank, Rhoda and Rhoda's parents

Sherry with Miq, Frank and Phil Anthropist (our monkey mascot)


  1. Awesome Sherry .. This melts my heart !!!

  2. Whee! I'm sooooo excited for the children....I know they must have had a wonderful time. Thanks be to God for giving you the direction! Thank you Sherry for your willingness to serve the people of Ghana! I see a little girlie with a Canada headband on - I can only imagine the excitement...wish I were there. Blessings sissy!