Monday, January 9, 2012

A local dream fulfilled - A Christmas Party for immigrants

Several weeks ago, we posted a dream to have a Christmas party for some wonderful ladies that live "right in our own backyard" so to speak. Well, that dream was fully sponsored and we were able to share a fun and festive party with these women and their children...
We had posted this dream on the website:

From our Dream Agents in KW
We are sometimes more aware of needs around the globe than those in our own backyard. 
Well, we have had the opportunity to get to know some wonderful ladies right here in KW that
need our help and support - immigrants...most of whom are single moms. Over the past year,  
we've had the opportunity to show our love and support to them in a tangible way via birthday 
parties, an Easter Party and a Mother's Day party. (You might remember us telling you that
some of these moms had NEVER been acknowledged or celebrated on Mother's Day prior to
the party we threw for them!)
Celebrations are a great way to show our love to these ladies - to let them know that they are

not alone and that they are valued.  We see on their faces how much joy it brings to be welcomed
and wanted.

We try to choose a menu that features foods they might not otherwise be able to afford - as an

extra treat. (and, there are often leftovers they are able to take help with the burden of 
grocery costs).And what an added bonus to watch all the children playing together and speaking
their own language with each other.

Christmas is right around the corner...and we would love to celebrate these ladies and their children

through a Christmas party for our KW friends.

$10 per person would provide a festive meal, decorations, and a small gift for each.

AND IT DID!!!! There were 27 in attendance at this Christmas party.  We enjoyed a great meal, games and were able to give LOTS of gifts to people who often go without (thanks to generous donations!)

A BIG thank you to the Everyday Philanthropists who made this possible!

Enjoy the photos of the party.  (Faces are covered to respect their privacy due to the fact that they live in our community) 

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