Monday, January 9, 2012

Everyday is a journey - update from Sherry Peters

Every day is a mission or a journey…. Whether I am haggling over the prices for food or for beds it doesn’t matter.. I am still a white girl who they think is a millionaire.

It really makes me appreciate the people that God has put in my path. My driver Emmanuel, Missionaries Jijom and Della,  Football coach and friend - Miq, Frank (jack-of-all-trades), Mary the house-help, or Alejah the guard. They all play a very important role in my life, but most importanly... they do not allow people to rip me off!! I love it.

I wonder how many of the market venders think I am asking them a trick question when I ask “Do I look white to you?”

But to give an update on Sponsored Dreams (with reports to follow shortly):
  • Patience has started her business… woot woot
  • Kwame registered last week for Football came and starts training tomorrow…. When I asked him what he was going to do when he becomes the next rich and famous “Black Star” Footballer, he look at me and said, “I am going to help other poor children, the same way that you helped me.” I cried (no surprise there!) And so did they when I told them his dream was sponsored
  • The preparations for the Leprosy Village Party are coming along… Hopefully early next week that will be fulfilled...
  • We are now having Uniforms made for the Children of Koforidua, the wheelchair is ordered, the school supplies are purchased…
  • The “Back to School Bash” was a great success for the Assurance of Hope Children's Home and we were able to do even MORE than we had planned (details below)...

The pizza was amazing for the "Back-to-school Bash" AND there is another story here as well… When I went to Eddy’s Pizza to order the pizzas the day before the party, I was telling Eddy the owner what I was doing and why, and he asked how he could help… I was stunned… So I told him to do whatever felt like doing. He said he would donate wings for all the Children. Woohoo! Wings and pizza!  Imagine how happy the children were going to be!  Well, something even better happened. The next day when I went to pick up the pizzas, not only did Eddy’s have the wings prepared, but two trays of pastries.  He said he just wanted to make the children happy. I was so touched and blessed. I LOVE MY WORK… and the people that are brought into my life!!! AWESOME. (for more photos and info about the Back-to-School Bash dream fulfilled, click HERE)

 As you can well see,  great things are in progress here in Ghana, unfortunately they are progressing at African speed… I hope you all feel as blessed as I do today!! Have a great one!

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