Friday, May 4, 2012

Dia 2 - Team iam1ru Mexico

Another productive day at "the Quinta" (the nickname for Casa Posibilidades).  The daily tasks were divided up and the team got to work right after breakfast...laying block in the wall around the property, cleaning the palapa (gazebo), mudding the walls in the laundry room, sorting donations, hanging rods and bars for towels etc...etc...
It was another smokin' hot day here - mid 30's (although they tell us this is actually "spring" and it get's even hotter in the summer - yikes). So, later in the afternoon, the Burseys took us to a lovely cafe downtown to enjoy some smoothies, cappuccinos and other treats. 

We are all VERY excited about tomorrow's events - we will host a BIG party/BBQ for another orphanage - games for the kids, music, food, spa treatments for the women. 
Be sure to check back to read more and see the photos from the event.

 For now, enjoy some of the pics from today's events.

Lisa sorting donations

Tommy putting a shelf together

Bjorn working on the laundry room

Steve (I think he's hanging a hose reel?)

Anna & Lisa sorting the treats for the ladies tomorrow.  We're hosting a big party/BBQ for another orphanage tomorrow and we're preparing to give the female workers a "spa" session - pedicures, manicures etc. A little gift for all their hard work.
Rick & Sam cleaning the chandelier in the palapa

Judy reading with Tommy

The hardworking "wall team" - laying block

Taylor pausing to pose for a pic

Anna and Peter laying blocks, Arlene and Wendy prepping with grout 

Peter - what a trooper leading a team of 4 women all day!!

Lauren was a little hyper - and drew a wee bit of attention downtown - giving Anna & Tommy a piggyback

*there is a rumour that one of our team members was found lounging in a chair during the day...looking like King Tut! 

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