Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hola! Day 1 in Mexico

It's quiet here in the kitchen as I write this blog.  People are either sleeping or relaxing in their rooms.  The team worked hard today...and it was HOT! (likely mid-30's or more).  We did a lot of work on the wall that surrounds the property here at the orphanage - parging, whitewashing, cutting metal posts, cleaning the yard etc.  We got DIRTY...

It was a good day.  We are healthy and happy and enjoying getting to know the great team of people that work with Rick and Lisa. We are making new friends and feeling grateful for the opportunity to be here to help get this beautiful property ready for the children that will call it "home" in the near future.  It's going to be a great week.
As usual, I've tried to include lots of pics to help share our journey.

Loïs filling the holes with concrete

Judy cleaning up a work area

Taylor and Anna mixing the concrete (hard work!!)

Tommy, Lauren and Arlene (whitewashing the wall to prep it for painting)

Lauren getting even for all the "splashing" Tommy did all day!

The side wall on the property.  Almost done this part - a few more sections to fill and parge...then paint.

Bjorn did soccer drills at a local school...and the boys asked for his autograph on their soccer balls.

Peter pausing from his work to pose for a photo

Anna, Wendy, Taylor and Bjorn - filling the holes in the wall

Steve cleaning up the yard (he started work before ANY of us!!)

Tommy looking innocent (LOL)

Lisa carrying sharp metal poles

Anna & Bjorn getting gravel for the concrete
Chick power!  That's right...the chicks helped carry the blocks across the property.

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