Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dia 7 - A Fiesta Kind Of Day

Today was...well, it was one of those days that is difficult to describe in words.  Yes, we participated in a couple of celebrations and had a lot of fun...but in the midst of them, we were also brought face to face with the challenges and suffering that so many people have to live with on a daily basis.

Tomorrow is Carla's birthday. Carla, is an 8 year old girl that lives down by the river (in extreme poverty) with her grandparents. Carla has been disowned by her mother.  We know a little of Carla's story, and wanted to help her celebrate her special day by surprising her with a cake, a gift, party hats, Canadian flags and pins and those "blowy" things.  The entire team piled into the van to head down to Carla's house for this fiesta.
Carla coming out the door when we first arrived (she didn't know we were coming)

A Mexican tradition to push their face into the cake

Carla with her party hat and gift
Carla's grandmother was very emotional...very grateful

The other kids that live at this "house" (if you can call it that)

A beautiful smile captured

Carla holds a special place in Rick's heart

A new grandbaby in the family - Lauren put the party hat on her
Carla's grandma giving sincere thanks

 After we left Carla's fiesta, we headed to a nearby Tienda (store)...but not just any store - this is Lazaro's store! Lazaro's store was a previously posted dream - for a business with a man in a wheelchair that wanted to work  (you can read about the dream HERE) It was GREAT to see that Lazaro and his family have built the business up to a level where they are almost covering all of their bills (since only January).  He is a hardworking man who gives back to the community - he coaches soccer...from a wheelchair.  We each bought a little snack and drink to support his business.
The door to the store (a side room attached to his house)

Lazaro with one of his kids

Inside the store

Inside the store (other side)

Later in the afternoon, we went to a nearby ranch (you may remember that on Sunday, the congregation planned a meal to celebrate us as guests). We enjoyed a great meal of chicken, beef, "mexican hot dogs", rice, tortillas of various kinds and a delicious caramel cake.  They also put on a little show with a few horses and a couple of crazy roosters. It was fun!

We ended the day with another small fiesta (a bittersweet one) as we are saying good-bye to Calvin - the intern that's been working with Bursey's for the last 2 months. He leaves tomorrow to head back to Edmonton. He was such a big help to the team...we will miss him but we wish him well! 

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